Why choose us?


Our products are made from quality materials and are the result of our knowledge all the way from design to manufacturing. The products are intended for those who want simplicity, efficiency and above all capacity.


We adapt to the requests of the customers in both the specificity and the deadline manufacture. Our advantage is mainly in quick response. We are working as quickly as possible to satisfy all your desires


In our offer are excellent customer solutions included. We offer a service group, which cater for any resulting problems.

Who are we?


R.M. INTERNATIONAL d.o.o. is a company based in Ribnica, Slovenian company, which was founded in 1993. We are continuing a long tradition of Riko (a Slovenian Acronym batting »Ribnica metal processing industry") .

Our company began production of tractor loaders with attachments  and later concentrated on development of the program of forestry equipment (trailers and forestry cranes).


High-quality, effective and environmentally friendly agricultural and forestry trailers that provide the best balance between quality and price.


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