NEW! Forestry trailer RW 8

Forestry trailer RW 8 is less expensive alternative to our trailers. Trailer is very stable with a single tube 160x160x8 mm and 4 pairs of arms.Tiller steering and two larger cylinders allow for greater agility and improved handling. Specialty RW8 trailers is that the frame is welded otherwise, it is not made of the tube but of the plate. Lamps are not dock but welded and  the trailer can be burden up to max. 6.500kg.
Frame-Single tube (mm) 160x160x8
Loading capacity (kg) 6.480
Loading space (m²) 2,2
Length of the loading area (mm) 3.850
The lowest point from the ground (mm) 490
Turning angle +/-40°
Width (mm) 2.135
Length (mm) 5.700
Own weight (kg) cca.1.520
Height of the arms (mm) 1.200
Frame tube steering Hydraulic cylinder- 1xcil.
Wheels 11-5/80-15.3/10PR
Bolsters 4 pairs
Brakes 2x hydraulic
Operating pressure (bar) 180
Brakes Various combination- Hydraulic, overrun brakes or air brakes
Drawbar Standard or lower (By lower drawbar, overrun brakes are not an option)
Extension No
Standing platform  Yes
Mudguard  Yes
Tyres Different tire sizes with different profiles

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