Forestry trailer RW 16

The RW 16 has a very large dimension of central tube frame 250 x 250 10 mm with 4 pairs of curved tubular bolster and rotary tiller steering and stanchions with a large cylinder.
Frame-single tube (mm) 250x250x10
Loading capacity (kg) 12.800
Loading space (m2) 2,6
The lowest point from the ground (mm) 610
Turning angle +/-38°
Width (mm) 2.460
Length (mm) 6.030
Length of the loading area (mm) 3.980
Own weight (kg) 3.130
Height of the arms (mm) 1.330
Frame tube steering Hydraulic cylinder 2x cil.
Wheels 500/60-22,5/14PR
Arms 4 pair
Brakes 4x hydraulic
Operating pressure (bar) 180
Brakes Various combination  – Hydraulic, overrun or air brake
 Drive wheel Inner drum drive hydromotor( BB4, BB5); 4 WD roller drive on wheels
Extension 1,2m or 1,6m
Standing platform  Yes
Drawbar Standard or lower (By lower drawbar, overrun brakes are not an option)
Mudguard  Yes
Troughs for biomass Standard or half troughs
Tyres Different tire sizes with different profiles

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