Front loader TN-370P

The TN tractor frontloader is a highly productive tractor attachment, designed for an efficient use in agriculture and construction , for conveying material etc. The TN tractor frontloader itself can be mounted and dismounted very easily, if some other tractor attachment is required. The loader is mounted to the tractor by a mounting frame, which must be chosen according  to the type of the tractor.

A wide range of quickly and simply exchangable implement tools can be attached to the loader. The parallel linkage, the standard equipment of the TN tractor frontloader, keeps the implement tools  levelled during lifting or lowering, and assures a large working capacity.

Standard version of loader:
  • 2 double - acting lifting cylinders
  • 2 tool turning cylinders
  • Mechanical parallel guidance and relief valve
  • Bucket level indicator
  • Support leg
Extra equipped loader:
  • One el. Line D1(one par double acting connectors)
  • Two el. Line D2 (two par double acting connectors)
  • Damping system (smooth operation with tractor and loader)
  • multiblock (automatic connection of several hyd. and el. lines)
Mountable to tracktors (kW/KM) 33-52/45-70
Own weight (kg) 390
Q2 – Lift power at turning point in raised position(kg) 1290
Q4 – Lift power at bucket center of gravity in raised position(kg) 970
R – Breakout force on bucket edge (kN) 16
Lift cylinder (mm) ø55/ø40
Tool turning cylinder (mm) ø63/ø35
A – Bucket’s turning point’s height from the ground (mm) 3230
B – Height of the bucket’s edge from the ground (mm) 2610
D – Digging depth with bucket (mm) 250
α – Max. Tools closing angle in lowered position 40°
β – Max. Tools opening angle in raised position 50°
Operation of the implement tools HP

DA – Double-acting cylinder
HP – Mechanical parallel guidance and relief valv
Technical data are valid at pressure p=175 bar

TN 370

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