Compost turner

  • Extremely stable construction
  • Tractor power at least 50 kW
  • High-quality processing in quick time
  • Processing of all types of organic materials
  • The possibility of processing 500 m3 / h
Required tractor power (kW) 50-70
Working speed (m/h) 300-500
Working width (m) 2,7
Lenght (m) 3,1
Width at work (m) 4,7
Transport width (m) 1,8
Working height (m) 1,6
Transport height (m) 3,7
Turning roller (mm) 600
Transmission gear 1,9 : 1
Weight with ballast (kg) 3100


Processed Material:

Material organic *
Specigic gravity (kg/m3) <1000
Max. size of grains (m) 0,25
Optimal moisture content 40-60%

*Typical materials are:

-Shredded tree and shrub cuts, bark, wood shavings in moderate

– Quantities, sawdust avoided.

– Residual waste

-Organic waste from households


Embankment of processed material:

Max. width (m) 2,50
Max. height (m ) 1,40
Max. lenght unlimited


Other conditions:

  • Tractor power of at least 50 kW
  • Surface and flat surface is essential for converting operation
  • Soil stability required: 5 t/m²
  • Max. Slope of the work surface: 6%
  • When driving on roads or other surfaces with more than 10% side slope danger of tipping increases
  • It is necessary that tractor has super-reductor to drive composter at working speed of 300-500 m/h
  • Mechanical drive via PTO axle transmission of 1.9: 1 at 540 rev / min

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