Forestry Crane FK 4200

With only 400 kg net weight, this timber crane can be built without much effort on top of any existing dump truck, trailers, manure spreaders or loading wagons. Firewood loading is easy for little money.  
Max. reach (m) 4,20
Lifting capacity (included rotator and log grab) (kg) 300
Working pressure (Mpa) 18
Turning engle 380°
Turning moment (kNm) 3,3
Turning cyilinders 2
Rotator 3t(4,5t) endless
Log Grab HZ10
Own weight (kg) 405
Control valve 7 functions, 6 handles, 2 Joysticks; 2D/7
Combination with trailer RW 10, RW 8; RW 7
    • With stronger cylinders
    • With standing place
    • Forestry pliers HZ 10
    • Pump with  oil tank
    • Three point fitting ( Pump and oil tank are not possible)


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